About Our Pastor

Pastor Robin KimPastor Robin Kim immigrated to the United States in 1981 when he was 11. He attended Rosewood Elementary, Columbus Jr. High, and Canoga Park High School. He received his B.A. from World Mission University in L.A. and a Masters of Divinity degree from Fuller Seminary in Pomona, CA in 2016.

Before completing his M.Div., he was a professional Track and Field sprinter for South Korea. His best time in the 100 meter was 10.3 and the 200 meter was 20.6. Through his 12 years in track, he learned three valuable lessons. First, hard work never betrays. Second, endurance is a key to success. Third, discipline always pays off. He applied these valuable lessons to his personal relationship with God and into his church ministry work as he strives to be more faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ every day.

Pastor Robin Kim was appointed to serve Artesia-Cerritos United Methodist Church on September 1, 2018. His first appointment as a local pastor in the California-Pacific Annual Conference became effective at West Anaheim UMC in 2015 where for three years he served a multicultural church that was comprised of 8 different ethnicities. Before that, he worked as the youth and college pastor at Los Feliz UMC for 7 years.

Pastor Robin KimThroughout the many years he has served in the California-Pacific Annual Conference, he has continued to especially love serving seniors and youth. He has worked hard to provide services to disability ministries, VBS, and homeless ministries, acting in accordance to the Good Samaritan teachings taught by Christ Jesus. In his spare time, he loves to play sports, enjoy food, and take time out to converse with the Lord and spend time in His Word. He particularly enjoys having quality time with his two beautiful children, Noah (age 4) and Eliana (age 2), and his wife, Christine Kim.

Here at Artesia-Cerritos UMC, one of our core values in the ministry of Christ is founded on this principle: Friendship and faith grow in a multicultural community. If this principle is one that fits your description of a local church, then we would love to welcome you with open hearts and open arms so we can use our hands and feet to glorify God.